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Welcome to HATTREE!

Are you looking for printed T-shirts, caps or jackets from sustainable production?

Then you are exactly right with us! We are a small team based in the heart of Cologne.

You can order your own printed t-shirts, caps or jackets from us. There is a variety of clothing and motifs to choose from.

From funny sayings to given designs to your own creation - with us there are no limits to your imagination!

The materials we use consist exclusively of sustainable raw materials, such as recycled, organic or hemp materials. Whether fashion for men, women or children, there is something for everyone!

Are you looking for inspiration? Then take a look at our Instagram Chanel .

Here we regularly provide you with great pictures of our shoots. You get a foretaste of our designs,

Logos and motifs. Our door is always open for suggestions and new ideas.

HATTREE stands for sustainable clothing and environmental protection.

We obtain our primary products exclusively from sustainable suppliers, because the environment is very important to us!

We link the corresponding evidence of environmentally friendly production and fair wages at the appropriate places.

So you too can get a better picture of our partners and supply chains

and let yourself be inspired by environmental concerns. We also pay attention to the protection of nature with regard to transport routes.

For example, we use packaging boxes made of natural material instead of plastic packaging,

even the adhesive tape and filling material come from sustainable cultivation at HATTREE.

In addition, we donate 5% of the proceeds of every single item of clothing to 4Ocean - so we come full circle

and we can do something good for the environment in different ways.

So you see - we take environmental protection very seriously.

With us you are relying on a sustainable provider,

With which you can give something back to nature when choosing your clothes.

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